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A single chamber legislature is called

a single chamber legislature is called

Public act - partnersuche kostenlos und seriös Legislation enacted into law that applies to the public at large.
In which one chamber enjoys superior legislative powers.
Yeas AND nays - Recorded vote of members on an issue.
Item veto - An action taken by the governor to prevent the enactment of an item of an appropriation bill; also may be called line item veto.PRO tempore (PRO TEM) - The designated officer of the senate or house acting in the absence of the regular presiding officer.Introducer - The person (usually a legislator) who presents a bill or resolution for consideration; may be joined by others, who are known as cointroducer.Expunge - An action that directs the removal of specific portions from the journal.Convention of 1 787, and thus also known as the Connecticut Compromise.Other countries with single - chamber elected legislatures include Albania.

Placed before it by the Speaker of the House.
Excused - Absent with the permission of the body or the presiding officer.
The legislative branch is further divided into two chambers of Congress.
Conflict OF interest - Untenable position that threatens the ability of a legislator to vote impartially due to some personal interest in a legislative issue.
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