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Balvenie 25 yo single barrel

balvenie 25 yo single barrel

Since European casks do not have a heavily charred interior, their subtractive activity is not as pronounced as American casks.
As with the other expressions in the range, each barrel is unique and is personally selected by The Balvenie Malt Master, David Stewart, to ensure that the individual characteristics imparted by that barrel also reflect the classic Balvenie style of rich, honeyed sweetness and subtle.
This allows me to pick out the casks of whisky that display the expected rich, sweet and slightly spicy character Im looking for.
The Balvenie has extended its Single Barrel collection with the release of a 25-year-old single malt, matured in American oak casks.
Heat, humidity and atmospheric pressure all play a part.This leads to oxidation, which removes harshness, increases fruitiness and enhances complexity.Malty porridge, bruised pears and candlewax on the nose, which is also lightly prickly to start with surprising for this strength.European oak, being more tannic, lends its contents a deeper hue than American wood.The Balvenie Single Barrel Traditional Oak Aged 25 Years has been fälligkeit von debenture created by malt master David Stewart, and sits alongside two other Single Barrel whiskies: First Fill Aged 12 years, matured in Bourbon barrels, and Sherry Cask Aged 15 Years, matured in European oak casks.Lurking in the walls of the cask, but the most obvious additive effect is colour.The interaction between the wood and the atmosphere is the least understood of the mechanisms of maturation, and some say the most important.Their idiosyncratic flavours owe a great deal to the interaction between the spirit and the atmosphere of warehouse 24: unique flavours which can only be developed by time.We offer a choice of delivery options.The taste starts very sweet and dries elegantly, with fragrant peppery spice lingering in the aftertaste.

It is expected to arrive in stockist warehouses in the coming month.
The new edition is said to offer flavours of subtle spices and rich honeyed sweetness, but as no two casks from the new edition will be identical, no more than 300 bottles will be filled from any one cask.
A 2014 addition to The Balvenie range Single Barrel, Traditional Oak.Pale gold, thick legs.Pro Fass werden höchstens 300 Flaschen abgefüllt, die von Hand nummeriert und mit dem Destillierungsdatum, dem Abfüllungsdatum und der Fassnummer versehen werden.Spicy Honey Vanilla Rich Oak, this 25 year old expression completes The Balvenie Single Barrel range.This has been drawn from a single cask, described on my sample bottle as single barrel traditional oak, which I guess means a refill American Standard Barrel, (ex-bourbon, with a capacity of aproximately 200 litres).Der Balvenie 25 yo Single Barrel hat ausschliesslich in traditionellen amerikanischer Eichen-Fässern gereift.Registered office: First Floor Offices, Unit 5, Chapman Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, TN2 3EF.But of course there will always be a subtle different between the whiskies form different casks and I know that more and more drinkers will appreciate this and will enjoy online partnersuche buch the experience of drinking this single cask whisky.