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Bauer such frau

bauer such frau

When she first appears on screen, she's got a warum haben Männer Fragen nach dem sex beim ersten date shotgun with her for protection.
And in another storyline, when the Vulture broke into their house and threatened them with a gun, after Peter managed to disarm him of it (trying hard not to show his full strength and give his identity away) she picked the weapon up and pointed.
They were just there, as ever since, certainly not waiting for.
This series also has an old Norse lady, grandmother of another prominent character, who had spent 20 years on a cold barren desert of an island alone, then, when 70 badass Vikings came to her island, she took leadership over them and sailed away.
When she was a matriarch and he was pushing a thousand, he found out that they had fought on opposite sides of the Rebellions, and the two of them agreed to settle it with a duel.She was a fearsome bandit herself and still carries a loaded gun in her handbag.Theater Fuddy Meers : For a stroke victim who's well into her sixties, Gertie can hold her own pretty well.And when the official at the DCF equivalent threatens to call in her son-in-law to kick everybody out.Unfortunately, she intentionally did not shoot to kill, and is now being sued by the mugger.

Edith Bunker from All in the Family.
Scary Black Man sneers, "You got a problem?" and Granny answers him (and his buddies) by letting them.
Now we had our feet on African soil, this time also politically African.
As long as there's a full moon, she'd make you kick your own ass.
She has a scene where, confronting her son, Brian Aldridge, over his extra-marital affair with Sioban, she tells him "I ought to have you horse-whipped".To put into perspective, even Rinku, the youngest of the group, is magnitudes more powerful than Younger Toguro, an earlier Big Bad.Then makes him sit in the naughty chair until the police arrive.Especially when in Mama Bear mode.Axis Powers Hetalia has a parody in Grandmano.