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Ersten date sex trey lyrics

ersten date sex trey lyrics

no limit to sex, girl, Im bout it, bout it (Uuuh).
First date sex (You want first date sex (I want first date sex, that dont make u a groupie to.
Get ya to the suite (Nu Na Nu Na) (Uh uh uuh) Hit ya wit tha D Pullin on yo weave; snatchin out tracks Call attention yo beautician (Aye) Tell her you done had a dream night wit Trey.Be saying "Niggas lyin i'm the baddes Sexier, samenspende single niederlande imma kiss ya lips the way you need.Call me Michael Jackson, im bout action when I Beat It (Beat it!).No limit to sex girl, I'm bout it bout.Be singing niggas lying I'm the better sexer.

Intro: Go girl (go go it's your birthday.
tell her you done had a dream night with Trey.
(Songz is my name.) Girl, you gon' cry (Tears of joy) Tears from your eyes No cards or candy; gimme them panties Girl, I'm your gift tonight Girl, you gon' cry Tears from yo eyes Don't wanna disrespect ya, know I just met ya But.
August 4th is when I'm Comin with my shit.
First date sex (You grown first date sex (Im grown this for my niggas, sip ya liquor.First Date Sex (You want) First Date Sex (I want) That don't make you a groupie to do me Girl, we both know we grown First Date Sex (You grown) First Date Sex (I'm grown) This for my niggas, Sip ya liquor Roll a swisher.These singin niggas lyin; I'm the better sexer.Watch yo girl 'fore I be comin' through her crib.Well I be comin thru her crib.I'ma kiss ya lips the way you need it (need it).