ALDARION AND ERENDIS. The Mariner’s Wife. |. Meneldur was the son of Tar- Elendil, the fourth King of Númenor. He was the King’s third child, for he had two . Aldarion’s mother, impressed by the beauty of Erendis – “dark-haired and of slender grace, with the clear grey eyes of her kin” takes her to the. From UT “Aldarion and Erendis”: “All or nothing, Erendis,” said Núneth.(Erendis’s mother) “So you were as a child. But you love this man, and.

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What a complete MISunderstanding of loving a man! This article has multiple issues. But what is more important, he never showed false feelings! In the Spring of S. Make him accept the life of the farmers of her native region! Erendis was beautiful, fell in love with Aldarion as a young maiden, and was approved by his parents as a suitable consort. But it was never enough for Erendis! Make a quiet and domestic husband out of a wild and longing for adventures soul of a man…!

He tried to understand her and he also tried to show to her the grandeur and the beauty of his bold endeavours. They separated in S.

He respected her as a true Queen — a Queen of Numenor and the Queen of his heart. Retrieved from ” http: They turn their play into great matters and great matters into play. They were guarded by the Gods, taught by the Eldar and they lived with the sense of a well deserved pride for the exceptional alrarion of their ancestors. Jul 26, Messages: I don’t know, I just feel him. Again she failed to face reality!


He wedded Erendis in S. The main cause of disagreement between father and son proved to be the sea, for Aldarion loved it ever since he was a child.

The Mariner’s Wife: Erendis | Tolkien’s Women

Therefore what you say: No, create an account now. And it’s a good example of Tolkien’s ability to write complex multi-faceted characters. On the other hand, Aldarion made various attempts to please her egoistic love and desires. Her thoughts, expressed to her daughter Ancalime later the first ruling queen of Numenor are worth quoting in full:.

In the end, of course, the battle of the sexes between Aldarion and Erendis does neither aldxrion them much good — and it has a terrible effect on Ancalime their daughter, who is a definite topic for a future post here. Yet almost against his will he was drawn to Erendis. More sea voyages followed afterwards, against the wish of his father, and in-between them, he founded the Guild of Venturers.


There is no mention [in Tolkien’s writings] of any further development of the alliance erendid Gil-galad, or of the sending of the aid that he requested in his letter to Tar-Meneldur; it is indeed said that “Aldarion was too late, or too early. Page Talk Edit History. This should go without saying, but treat people as you wish to be treated.


Probably with Erendis it was not so! Do you already have an account? But she made a fatal mistake! Pride is often a comfortable shelter for those who fail to face the real world!

When he finally courted her, it was Erendis who avoided the union, for she did not want to share Erebdis with the sea.

Counsels In your analyses, my fair opponent, you often blame Aldarion for not taking counsels from anyone. The Mariner’s Wife, Section: Avoid posting memes, image macros, gifs or other “funny” submissions. Aldarion himself understood it well: Aldarion is one of the closest heirs of Earendil – himself being a great mariner, and hence — of Elros — the first King of Numenor.

Want to add to the discussion? BelegApr aaldarion, Yet he was honest to himself and to his intentions towards Erendis both, in his mind and therefore in his deeds. Upon his return, Aldarion found his home locked and his father even more cold towards him. We’re all fans of Tolkien’s work and it’s hard to be canonically correct all the time.

Although you probably need to read The Silmarillion first. It’s so different aldaron most of Tolkien’s work in its portrayal of a failed marriage with most of the “important” stuff happening offscreen.