U Autek Research QF-1 $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired ¼. Autek Research, PO Box , Wesley Chapel, FL USA. () RF1 RF ANALYST. The pocket-sized RF1 is designed. Hi, I have for sale one used Autek Research model RF-1 antenna analyser. It works well and is great for analysing antennas in the field.

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Atuek a piece of consumer goods, this unit has proven to be exceptionally useful and accurate. I used it for antenna work and bench work. At 1 MHZ and above, it is very apparent. First, it’s very easy to introduce errors due to poor measurement technique, primarily excessive lead length.

I then put the unit in a draw for 6 months and when I again tried to use it no joy. For that reason, I tend to think of the analyzer as not reporting the sign of the reactance, but if you are willing to use the Data Screen, and be careful under 8 degrees, the unit does report indeed the sign. Finally, the battery quality and lead length will influence results.

In most cases, the errors seem to be no more than 5 Ohms. The data was transferred over a serial line from the CIA-HF to the computer, and displayed with my viewing software. I suspect that these programs could be made to produce identical results if autej understood how to answer the different sets of setup questions with an eye towards how those questions drove the underlying computations, which should be identical, or at least very close.


In our opinion, anyone who’s bought an RF-1 should also invest in this “classic” auhek book.

Analyzing Three Antenna Analyzers

For purposes such as adjusting an antenna tuner for minimum SWR, these sort of meters are probably very appropriate. After creating this set up, auutek you have to do is to sweep the frequency of the meter and look for the SWR dip to 1.

Just remember to connect something to the grounded outside part of the RF-1 coax or the measurement is meaningless. Pure Resistance Test at 3.

The sign of X is easily determined by increasing the frequency slightly and watching Z. Since I sampled at the arbitrary unit of 1 MHz, the actual value extremes are not exactly captured.

Autek Research RF Analyst

So after reading about all the bad experiences some people have had Been having this unit for over a decade, time for my “after winter check on the antenna”. The impedance angle must be within a certain range that appears to be approximately 70 degrees. The MFJ only displays whole number values. Another common use of these analyzers is to measure the values of inductors and capacitors. Put it back together and it has run perfect for several years now.

The unit, bought at a hamfest and clearly not much used, worked for a week or two of backyard measurements. Later, multiple ohm dummy loads produced a 1. I assume that there is one or more calibration adjustments for each analyzer, and I have no idea if my units are well-calibrated, or out of calibration.


The delay is due to having to balance the bridge, which is a process of adjusting two controls until a very sharp null is found. I certainly was interested in that question. In the upcoming tests I’m going to hold the frequency constant at 3.

Some folks have commented that my results appear to show much more accuracy in these meters than they expected.

My measurements and their accuracy are not precise enough for that purpose. The soldering is very poor throughout this unit due to poor workmanship quality. I had no reason to doubt any of the measurements, but from time to time I would make measurements with more than one of the units and find that they might differ by up to 10 Ohms.

They were not suited for making adjustments out at the antenna. I was shocked to rr-1 numerous components that had no solder on them at all, don’t see how it managed to work for 11 years!

Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst

All values are measured in units of Ohms, except SWR, which is dimensionless. Some specialized devices exist to filter while not altering the impedance.

Frankly, I expected the errors to be much greater than I measured. Both units are the least expensive of the alternatives. Made through holes in board with oscillator board mounted in cabinet.