Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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They also constructed Basant Vihar Vishram Grah at Ajmer to provide accommodation to the visiting devotees. Like Praan-vayu controls jala and lungs, Apana-vayu controls genitalia and anus, Saman-vayu controls belly-button digestive organsUdaan-vayu controls the throat, and Vyan-vayu controls rest all body parts. Just see with your eyes God is in your Heart Like flower contains scent. Think, understandlook and think again.

Kal n padat nahi dharat dheer man. My beloved sweetheart sleeps in high towerwhere the presence of any creature or bird is inaccessible. I did not even spend a moment with my beloved sweetheart and all nights passed in vain. Dooshan humaro sab dil se bisaro. Gurudeva, I bow before you, You showed me your true pure form and perfect Light, You are pure consciousness, before which darkness flees, Calling your name dispels difficulties and obstacles, The sun of eternal knowledge rises in your presence, He who meditates on you will be freed from ignorance And will attain bliss.

He who is eternal, immovable, his grace is limitless, One who meditates on him day and night, Whoever observes Mauna [4] and concentrates on their breath They realize their Self in him, The Omnipresent, perfect, pure Divine Light — infinite like the ocean, His temple is in your heart and there you can hear his voice.


Awakening and activating the other chakras results in higher states of consciousness. Brahmananf no longer quarrelled and there was an end to his egotism.

Swami Brahmanand

Dekh nazaron se bhai Parmeshwar tere man mahi Ang ang jaise fulan me gandh samayi re R. As it is said, “Through Thy grace the lame can climb mountains, the deaf can hear, the dumb can speak. When Ganeshmal was a little older, he met some wandering yogis and from them learned hatha yoga kriyas [1]which he practised bhqjan.

The six schools are 1. Remembering his sins swamiji says that he did not remember brahmanan God even for a moment and destroyed all the time in bliss and luxury. From early childhood the boy felt drawn to Brahmaband. I am yours, please put ur glance over me. Brmhamandji says that Moneyyouth and talent nothing is permanent in this world, everything is ruinous.

Yoga in Daily Life. He was intelligent and quick-witted and used to enjoy conversing with scholars. How astonished were those who had accompanied Ganeshmalji to the ashram!

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj

Jabu balihari tere charanakamal. As was his habit, he began preparing questions and arguments to test the Guru’s intellect but not before he had used his hypnotic power on him. One peculiarity he had was the strict observance of certain Vedic regulations where he only ate food prepared by himself. Ganeshmalji, now Sri Swami Brahmananda, stayed with Mahaprabhuji.

Then the food brahhmanand holy prasad [3] and transmits love to those who eat it. He gradually came to entertain the latter view and began to wonder who the mahatma was who wrote the book and how he might meet him.


Now I am a realized being and will come no more to birth. Nevertheless he barhmanand his devotion to Lord Krishna and often wept in secret at his separation from God as one spouse weeps for the other who is gone. Please come and save me with ur hands. Even the hardest hearts you will melt in infinite bliss! We all humans are creation of Divine Merciful God, and we all are seeking The God in pilgrimage but no one can find God.

He believed that in this age there were no more real Guru s or yogis.

You can meet him if you like, for he is just now staying in an ashram not far from here. Gurudeva’s look had opened Ganeshmalji’s mind to the memory of former lives and he entered a state of consciousness where he could realize and understand all connections of his existence.

I do not even know how to talk about love, so my heart is trembling with fear. Nij swarath ka sansar sabhi. If one eats prepackaged and precooked foods, one cannot know who has prepared it and in most restaurants, financial profit is the motive with which the food is prepared.