Bombshell has ratings and reviews. Kat said: Catherine Coulter always writes a well-paced crime thriller. This book, like others in the series. In bestseller Coulter’s captivating 17th FBI novel (after ‘s Backfire), FBI agent Griffin Hammersmith learns on his way to a new assignment. The number 1 New York Times–bestselling author is back with an electrifying new entry in the FBI series featuring Savich and Sherlock. FBI.

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Jul 10, Dotti Elrick rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. With her usual excellent writing, Ms. Or maybe playing with cardboard figures that she would move around on a table as the scene changed.

Why had she, Delsey Freestone, a reasonably intelligent twenty-five-year-old supposed adult, swan-dived into those last two margaritas? She’s found by a neighbor, unconscious, naked, and bloodied.

Before he arrives, he gets a phone call that Delsey was found naked, unconscious, and covered with blood after a wild party. When she wakes up in the hospital, she remembers there was a dead man in her bathtub and two Hispanic young men were there as well. No wonder; it was nearly one o’clock on Saturday morning. Perfect airplane book, which is where I read it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But thankfully, it never had any sexy-times if you know what I mean and it tried very hard to imitate the writings of Tom Clancy.

Whoever Bruno was, Anna observed, Dr. Savich sees something special in Hammersmith, an almost preternatural instinct for tracking criminals. She’d never believed she was a screamer, but a scream ripped right out of her mouth, and then another, her brain screaming in tandem. First of all, I am turned off when all of the main people a book are beautiful, talented, perfect. It was a bit difficult keeping track of the numerous characters in the two stories, but I think that was because I was listeni It has been awhile since I read a book in the series, but I am glad I picked this one up.


She didn’t move, listened hard. When trying to identify the mystery body in the bathtub, why does no one bother to check if he paid for his meals with plastic, or used the town Atm for cash? Hayman certainly dressed to impress.

Looking at the unrelenting white made her miss the warm salty air of Santa Monica, scented with the night jasmine trellised on the stone fence surrounding her former apartment building. No cops, please–too much humiliation. Bombshell started out a bit slow for me but it sure picked up quickly.

Not possible, not possible. Delsey recalls seeing a dead man in her bathtub just before she is attacked. Overall, I thought Bombshell had way too many characters and most of them were the good guys.

After a night of drinking at a party given by two of her professors, she heads home. And there’s lots of dialogue; more dialogue than action.

Is he the Ground hog or something? This book can be read as a stand alone, but the whole series is fantastic Being back in Maestro, Griffin is working with the local sheriff, Dix and his FBI wife Ruth, who also works for Dillon.


Her characters also benefit from her descriptive words. He stays in communication with Savich and Sherlock, in Washington D.

Is this a revenge killing or something more personal? These are just a very few of the many plot holes, implausibilities, and narratival breakdowns that threw me out of the reading stream in this book! If you have been following this exciting series, you know that Savich and Sherlocke are on the job and they always get their man. Coulter brings readers immediately into a tale of drugs and murder in her current F.


Bombshell by Catherine Coulter | : Books

Savich and Sherlock have an interesting dynamic but having not read “their” book, I don’t feel like I know enough about them and this book was stingy on background deets probably because they already had their book. Hayman, and wasn’t cattherine a hoot? I loved how Catherine Coulter tied up the two cases. He goes to Maestro and a complicated case evolves that could have its roots in an overseas gang. Another great Savage and Sherlock mystery.

Dec 05, MB What she read rated it liked it Shelves: Not nearly as interesting as the previous books in the series.

In Bomb Shell there are 2 different plots taking place in two different locations with a couple of characters connecting the story lines. Nov 20, Kat rated it really liked it Shelves: The story has two plotlines – one at a music college blmbshell Griffin Hammersmith whose sister ends up finding a dead body and then getting knocked out.