Gaudy Night has ratings and reviews. Meredith said: A couple of years ago I thought (as a gesture to God saying something like, “Hey, we don. 65 quotes from Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey, #12): ‘Wherever you find a great man, you will find a great mother or a great wife standing behind him While Peter is on a governmental mission, Harriet attends a reunion at Oxford and is recruited to find the author of a rash of vicious poison pen letters there.

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A doroty interesting read and, if not my favourite of the books so far, certainly among the best. She has noght gone before but decides to do so this time in answer to pleas from some of her former classmates.

When they made her go, my blood oxygenation was up a little, but not much; she didn’t let them send her away until she’d put her Over a year ago now, Lord Peter pretty much saved my life.

She takes up residence in the college and receives one of these notes herself. The book becomes at least as much an unraveling of her life as it is an unraveling of the mystery.

Gaudy Night: Episode One

Not that it was boring, because it most cert 3. Harriet responds that she will return to the College and see if she can do anything to help.

A ‘gaudy’, at the University of Oxfordis a college feast, typically a reunion for its alumni. I can’t do that.

Other than stuff on my catI think this was the most successful book from that evening, and it actually makes all of the uncomfortable female judgment worth it. Here’s a gentleman coming to sing a group of ballads. I have read the first few many times, but, for whatever reason, I never continued the series. I really love everything about this. I first read Gaudy Night when I was Purely as a mystery, I find this the most satisfying Sayers I’ve read–it kept me guessing to the end, it wrapped up the strange goings on at an Oxford women’s college very neatly, and it didn’t feel at all gaydy or too clever.

Although Swyers and Harriet are clearly well-suited to each other, and it’s obvious to the reader that they’ll be happy if they manage to get together, it’s only in the final pages of the book that I can manage to bring myself to fully enjoy the romance — because Peter apologises for the rush of his pursuit, so tactlessly commenced while she’s still on trial for the murder of her lover. Why include a – confusing – dozen main characters and allow them to ask for attention and have their say throughout the book, but never properly identify and describe them?


Their chemistry is fascinating and over the five years of their acquaintance, their individual personal growth is most closely observed when they are working on a mystery together.

Gaudy Night is told almost wholly from Harriet’s point of view, and in fact Lord Peter doesn’t even appear until more than halfway through the book. Did she have notebooks full of character descriptions? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Preview — Gaudy Night by Dorothy L.

View all 15 comments. That needed to happen for the love story to work. Lord Peter Wimsey 1 – 10 of 15 books. Indeed, Harriet is the central character in this novel, which sees her returning to Oxford, to attend dororhy Shrewsbury Gaudy, after being sqyers by a friend who was about to go abroad for an operation.

This is a book about pain, about the heart and the mind working in opposition, about academia, about the perils of being an intelligent woman, about the perils of unthinking feminism, about mistakes, about love. Peter is learning the same thing from the other side of the coin, as Harriet refuses his proposals again and again and again and he comes to know that simply wanting and asking are an exercise of privilege, and not the extent of love.

My blood oxygen levels were catastrophic, even with pure oxygen.

At the end of Gaudy night, she finds an offensive drawing on the grounds of the Quad. So in a somewhat egoistical way, I find Harriet very interesting. This gulf is emphasised by the cut-glass accents and precise diction of the dons and students, and the “common” speech of the college servants and other inhabitants of Oxford, where they appear.

I first read this book as a junior or senior in high school, shortly after I’d been introduced to Sayers’ writing and was making my way through all of the Wimsey mysteries. But after a while I couldn’t help but wonder: The novel has a richness and complexity befitting literature, and indeed even on second nkght I felt I hadn’t peeled all layers and certainly haven’t caught all the different literary and classic allusions.


Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers – a weighty novel that still thrills | Books | The Guardian

It seems that Sayers threw everything of herself into Gaudy Night —her heart and soul and every inch of her mind. Although Lord Peter Wimsey certainly figures in the book the central character is very much Harriet Vane. Jul 22, Lisa Harmonybites rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: When I turned greedily to the earlier books I was disappointed.

However, Sayers herself considered her translation of Dante’s Divina Co Dorothy Leigh Sayers was a renowned British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian humanist. And a false statement of fact, made deliberately, is the most serious crime a scientist can commit. This time, rereading with an eye toward the dissertation chapter on Sayers that I’m planning, I found niht much complexity of idea and narrative form on nearly every page — A plus Modernism there.

It’s often been said that Harriet is Sayers herself, and indeed I have always had the impression that Sayers fell in love with her own creation, Wimsey, and wrote herself into the stories so that he could fall for her; a very interesting statement about the life of the imagination!

Vote in the poll and ratings. Sayers, after reading the book I realised that I should have read a few preceding books as to get a clearer understanding of what’s happening in his life. Until I lost my bookmarks and annotations, I was going to end this review with a brilliant quote about women that made me question: Then this is the book niight you Harriet is forced to re-examine her relationship with Wimsey in the light of what she has discovered about herself.

I wanted a bight that was comfortable, but still intellectually rigorous. View all 3 comments. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. If you think I meant anything else, you know what I meant.