EMAX CF by EMAX. Emx Mt 2 Backorder. Brand: EMAX; Model: EMX-MT; RMRC Win: ; Shipping Weight: ; Country of Origin: CN. Emax CF kv Outrunner Brushless Motor-The Emax CF kv motor is a ounce, class outrunner that works well on. Prop, Volts, Amps, Watts, rpm, Thrust, Efficiency. -, , , , , -, -. GWS EP, , , 31, , -, 60%. GWS EP, , , 49, , .

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What prop other than a 6x4E apc is suggested that I can use a prop saver with or can someone point me to a prop saver for an apc 6×4. Bottom line is Df2805 love these motors and now have one for each plane.

Emax CF2805 2600kv Outrunner Brushless Motor

Discussion Emax cf label – kv or kv? Maybe I’ll convert them all over to micro-Deans. JST is good for amps Let me start off by saying that I am making a ff2805 comeback from many years out of this hobby.

N8, No prop is best when running this motor on 3s. We perform this testing to ensure cf28005 our customers have accurate specifications upon which to base the specific application of each motor.


It also came with a prop saver that I will mention in another review. The sale will end very soon Questions about this item? Apr 03,emaax He also says 12 A is okay, on up to In the end these I’ll probably rewind these, they aren’t quite filled like they ct2805 be, well they are filled with something I want to keep the same thrust etc Other than that I don’t have much to go by, they don’t list kv on the motor.

Thrust and amp draw may be less with the use of batteries rated at lower amp output, and slightly more using batteries rated for higher amp output.

Return to Power Systems.

Likewise the Kv seems suited to no more than an 8×4. Apr 04, Electric Motor Design and Construction. Good battery choices for this motor include 7.

I was wondering what anyone who has one of these has listed on theirs. You will find that simply intalling the collet prop adapter will allow cc2805 motor to run to full potential.

Be the first to ask here. The motor comes with 3. One is going to finish the HF I never sold.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The other I am planning to put on a puller.


Switch to the Deans Micro or Ultra and go back to the stock motor, stock prop and 2s 20C lipo. I am getting a couple of used s and 20A escs. Put me on the Waiting List. Feb 04, They were listed as kv motors, but the label states: That was a bummer because 5 of my 6 motors had frozen up and were worthless.

Emax cf label – kv or kv? – RC Groups

Did you find this helpful? APC 6 x 4E. The above data was obtained using batteries in good condition that were fully charged.

Perfect match for my situation and the included “stick mount” made the replacement a breeze. I just picked up two Emax motors from a seller on Ebay. Other factors, such as ESC timing and variations in actual motor KV can affect the performance of brushless motors as well. Now you may be df2805 ‘Boy, this sure doesn’t have much thrust’ and you are correct.