The Hachinski ischemic score (HIS) is known to be a simple clinical tool, currently used for differentiating major types of dementia, such as primary degenerative. Posted in Psychiatry | Tagged 8, escala, Scale, sintomas, Somatic, somaticos, sss , The Hachinski ischemic score (HIS) is known to be a simple clinical tool. sendo o escore isquêmico de Hachinski (EIH),77 baseado inteiramente em dados clínicos Diversos subtipos de DV (como o devido à isquemia da substância branca .. A escala CDR (escala de Estadiamento Clínico da Demência) é um.

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A standardised instrument for the diagnosis of mental disorder in the elderly with special reference to the early detection of dementia.

Diagnostic Criteria for Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)

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Please, check by circling the appropriate number the items below to indicate your estimate of any difficulty, provided that it occurred at least three times per week during the last month. A systematic review and meta-analysis of CSF neurofilament protein levels as biomarkers in dementia. Comparisons to escaal at risk for cerebrovascular disease and vascular dementia. Strategic infarcts in vascular dementia: Tau protein pathology in neurodegenerative diseases. Caregivers perception on dementiaassociated social, economic and health problems: Presenilins, amyloid-beta and Alzheimer’s disease.


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Athens Insomnia Scale (AIS)

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To prevent and treat preoperative anxiety effectively, the level of anxiety of patients needs to be assessed through valid and reliable measuring instruments.


Scale | InterMEDICINA

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Hachinski Ischemic Scale (HIS) |

It became an authentic disease, nosologically well defined, and with a dear genetic root. Implications for Alzheimer’s therapy.

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