Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A witty, profane, down-in-the-sand account of the Anthony Swofford’s Jarhead is the first Gulf War memoir by a frontline infantry marine, and it is a searing, unforgettable narrative. When the marines. Anthony Swofford’s timely Gulf War memoir, Jarhead, vividly illustrates the lot of the modern Marine. Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick at an event for Jarhead () Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard in Jarhead () Anthony Swofford at an event for Jarhead .

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Your own goddamn tanks. Views Read Edit View history. End of Watch The depiction of how the Marine Corps breaks young men swifford until there’s hardly any of their original personalities left and then rebuilds them into killers is truly horrifying. A very candid and open account of life during the first Gulf war.

He sounded like a really thoughtful, decent person and I bought his book some time later. What did he just say? The gung ho Hollywo ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash, it’s a gas, gas, gas It concerns a Marine’s journey towards becoming a Marine and a Sniper and who then joins the boots on the ground in the Middle east for the Gulf War conflict If you go into this book expecting fire fights, skirmishes, battles and sorties, then you are coming at this book from the wrong direction, or you have the wrong book.

Anthomy by Anthony Swofford. This article needs additional citations for verification. Marinebest known for his book Jarheadbased heavily on his accounts of various situations encountered in the Persian Gulf War.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The way Jarhead is written can be confusing at times because it is very fragmented in the way it tells the whole story. Still, it might be fun to know what young Swofford thinks about the Iliad, reading it as he does during a war – does he see himself as an Swofforr, and does he appreciate the layers and ambiguities in the potrayal of heroism?


Swofford was born to the military. I concur with that opinion. Jarheadprofessor, writer. Get on your face and give me twenty five for all the times she’s gonna get fucked this swofforr Instead, Swofford recounts his own experience in the Marine Corps, first as a line grunt in training and then as a member of the elite Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon that is, a member of the sniper squad.

DH Jeff was thoughtful enough to pick me up a copy. He said field fun. View all 5 comments. This man goes to war all geared up and ready to go.

For instance, Swofford describes a moment after the war has ended where he and his platoon mates get to use the captured enemy ammunition and weapons to shoot whatever they want.

Seduced by the idea that ‘the warrior always fights for a sorry cause. Suicidal attempt is not uncommon. Scribner The memoir Jarhead by Anthony Jarheas is a great authentic representation of what happened during the Gulf War from the perspective of a marine.

The killing machine who never actually killed

There is no bugle program! This article about a memoir is a stub. You’ll be able to tell the difference because you will not be getting friendly fucked whilst reading this book and there should be znthony distinct lack of sand, gasoline or a degree temperature.

A very valuable insight into the mind of a Marine an A very candid and open account of life during the first Gulf war. And half the time, he points out his individuality antjony to make himself look good.


Jarhead : A Marine’s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles by Anthony Swofford

He had looked to the Marines as a surrogate family, and as a way of growing up, but the vicious reality of the life of a ‘grunt’ still comes as a great shock to him. Furthermore, chapters do not flow neatly together and use different formats; again, I think Swofford does this for effect.

You are light green! Then he wasn’t lying!

I gathered that from the first hundred times you mention that fact. So listen up grunts The Aquaman star picks which of his fellow DC Universe villains would win in a battle. I’ve always been one of those girls who’s pretty vocal about not understanding why men choose to join the military; who tries to argue that surely there’s a better way out of whatever it is you’re escaping than fighting other men?

Look, I’m twenty years old and I was dumb enough to sign a contract. After the prone position, it anthoy the platform most likely to enable a Marine to effectively kill his target. Swofford conveys a chilling sense of what it is like to be under enemy fire, and he also communicates a palpable sense of the fog of war.

Loneliness is an important issue here. The picture Swofford paints of the war itself is one that it’s incredibly difficult not to be affected by. Swofford sifts through his old kit in his cellar, the combat clothes ‘bleached by sand and sun and blemished with the petroleum rain that fell from the oil-well fires in Kuwait’.