Prague is the magic capital of Europe. Since the days of Emperor Rudolf II, ” devotee of the stars and cultivator of the spagyric art”, who in the. Prague Pictures: A Portrait of the City (Writer and the City.) [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth book in. Prague Pictures: Portraits of a City (Writer and the City) [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prague is the magic capital of.

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Writer and the City. A lovely little tour around some of my favorite old stomping grounds of Prague. Banville’s reflections make for very interesting reading when viewed from the perspective of another Irish writer mixing it up in the Golden City. Not a travelogue or a guide, Prague nevertheless convinces in tracing why this phenomenal city is inescapably marked in the memories of those who’ve visited, and how it calls us to return.

It has a peculiar power, which is not quite healthy. In his novel, Kepler ofBanville alchemised brilliantly the city of the seventeenth century out of scraps and fragments of research. Mostly self serving, meandering, tangential, oddly uninvolving, pretentious, and most importantly tiresome. She slyly works her way into the soul with spells and enigmas to which she alone holds the key.

Mar 25, Lewis Martin rated it really liked it. From one of the foremost chroniclers of the modern European experience, a panoramic view of a city that has seduced and bewitched visitors for centuries. Not in this case. It was NOT, in my opinion, a ‘portrait’ but rather a vague, ‘mystical’ wandering which may or may not be Prague.

It’s a disgrace how little of it is translated in the West, especially among the English-speaking West.

Other books in the series. If Prague Pictures had been well-written, it might yet be another matter, but Banville has a penchant for a matey bathos, at once homiletic and undignified “It does not do to cross a Habsburg”varied with outbursts of grandiosity “this bludgeoned, impoverished city”and sometimes both together: Banville flicks so effortlessly between past and present that Prague soon appears as a collage, effectively lifting the city’s rich and visible past out of time and bringing it to life once again, as the author visits the birthplace of Franz Kafka or steps inside a cathedral whose construction was begun in Czech photographer in Cambodia: The johj of Kafka, Capek and Ripellino, who wrote the wonderful Magica Praha, which is one of the best things ever written about any city.


Prague Nights by Benjamin Black review – murder in the city of masks | Books | The Guardian

He lived in the United States during and Why should this be exclusive to Eastern Europe? Jun 13, Amy Paget rated it it was amazing. But Prague is a strange city, as we know. Then another friend found this book in the library. Prague is a mystery, captivating to the core. I was prsgue thinking of looking at it from another angle.

This, he says, is Prague, past and present, the way it has always been. You mention the lack of translations of staples of Czech literature. It was just as bajville and bad as any fake French restaurant anywhere else in the world.

The book begins with the author’s first visit to Prague, during the cold war, but as we go deeper into the book, we also go deeper into the city’s history. It further hurts the book that the Czech author is not “Skrovecky,” that the double-beast the hippogriff is usually written with double consonants and not with Ys, that Huizinga’s book is not The Autumn of the Middle Agesand that Plotinus’s is not the Eddeades.

One of the more interesting bands performing around the Czech Republic this summer are Kon Sira, who play traditional songs of the….

Read this while in Prague. Jun 20, Treasure rated it did not like it Shelves: One time I was there for several weeks and grew to love her confusing, schizophrenegenic way whereas on the shorter visits I was simply enchanted.

Stern is promptly apprehended as a suspect and imprisoned. And I thought I should write a book about him as well, or at least a novel based on his life. banvolle


First person absent

Dec 27, Frank rated it really liked it Shelves: I do not say that my culinary adventures in Prague were as awful as these. I have been there on four banbille albeit not for the past twenty years. Or rather what we used to call Eastern Europe.

It felt as if while reading that John Banville and I sat side by side in many of the same cafes, observing the same people, falling in love with a city with a soul which can never be completely captured, whether by legendary Sudek photographs or by beautiful and observant Banville words. As to how long it will last I don’t know. Jun 29, Destiny Dawn Long rated it really liked it Shelves: A concluding set of “snapshots” is better; as is a description of a woefully drab “party” some time in the bamville.

It is rather his reminiscences and impressions of a city he visited bznville before and after the fall of the Communist regime in as well as more recently.

Prague Pictures: A Portrait of the City

Sep 16, Paul Secor rated it really liked it. Indeed, I have had some fine meals there over the years. Old Town Hall tower vantage point for biggest ever photograph of Prague. At that time, Prague was still greatcoated in the Cold War. In his book Magica Praha, that ecstatic paean of amor urbi, Angelo Maria Ripellino figures the city as a temptress, a wanton, a shee devil. Since the days of Emperor Rudolf II, “devotee of the stars and cultivator of the spagyric art”, who in the late pdague summoned alchemists and magicians from all over the world to his castle on Hradcany hill, it has been a place of mystery and intrigue.

Prague does stay in the mind; it does stay in the memory. Dec 11, Ernest rated it it was ok.